How Pomegranate oil can save your skin.

by Claudine Ancilleri

I love pomegranates. They bring back memories of late summer childhood days and my mum scooping out the shiny red jewels filled with juice. She always stressed on how healthy they were but I guess we never really knew the extent of the benefits.

Pomegranate seed oil has long been a secret in the cosmetics industry for achieving beautiful glowy skin. It ranks among the best facial oils to help achieve that healthy complexion. The oil is extracted from the seeds embedded in the white spongy interior of its tough, leathery skin. Originally cultivated since ancient times, the pomegranate symbolised beauty, fertility and eternal life in Greek and Persian mythology. In the story pf Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds, Persephone was taken away from eternal summer and her mother Demeter by Hades and forced to live in the underworld with him. Just before she managed to return to her mother she ate six pomegranate seeds and because of this it was decided that for six months every year she would return to the underworld with Hades.  During this time, winter would fall upon the earth. In spring she would once again return to her mother, allowing the earth to bloom. 

Nowadays, the pomegranate has the reputation of a healthy wonder fruit. The seeds are rich in Vitamin C, potassium and fibre. They contain a high number of antioxidants. This helps the body against inflammation and free radical damage.

Pomegranate seed oil will help hydrate, soothe and plump your skin. It is rich in nutrients, and powerful punicic acid which is better known as omega-5 fatty acid that accounts for one of the most natural antioxidants.

For many women, the balance of hormones (specifically estrogen) is of particular importance for the texture and appearance of their skin.Pomegranate oil helps stabilize the natural levels of hormone in the body and skin.

It is one of the key ingredients in our Pure Radiance Facial Oil formula, helping to deliver nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin.