Gua Sha, the art of living & ageing beautifully

by Claudine Ancilleri

Just like the rest of our body, our facial muscles require exercise to keep us looking young. 

In ancient Chinese rituals, the Gua Sha, a little jade tool, was used to help to reduce tension and aid lymphatic drainage. When people fell sick, hands or stones were used to rub parts of their body to help cure that specific area and the symptoms of the disease. They believed that by scraping the skin, the Gua Sha stone released unhealthy bodily matter and stimulated new oxygenated blood flow to the area.

Nowadays, Gua sha (pronounced gwahshah) is used as a natural and alternative facial massage tool. Gliding the stone over the face and neck and applying light pressure, promotes metabolic cell repair and regeneration. Skin appears tighter, brighter and lifted. This natural techniques requires an oil to lubricate the skin before sweeping the stone over your face, eye and neck area. As you massage your skin with the Gua Sha stone, it helps the oils sink in and boosts blood flow to the area, so skin looks healthier and more radiant.

Watch this tutorial to learn more about the different pressure points and how best to use your magical Gua Sha stone.